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January 1st, 2015

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The Do’s & Don’ts of the Morning After 



Hi Joe,
A big fan of yours here.
Love your work from oldest to newest. It just doesn’t get any better than watching real men being men together.
But I have been wondering if you were ever thinking about working with Allen Silver again??
He is, of course, the ULTIMATE Dad! So sexy, so furry, so handsome but best of all so photogenic.
The camera just loves him. And he loves the camera!
It’s been over a year since “American Bukkake” and a very long time since DAD got into “TROUBLE” (my personal favorite)
How about another DAD movie…
“Dad does Hard Time” springs to mind.
Keep up the great work,


Allen Silver in a scene from Dad Goes To College

Thanks, Peter–I guess now’s the time to let the cat out of the bag: Allen Silver will return in Dad Out West, a Joe Gage movie, to be released later this year.




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May 21st, 2013

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More newly-recovered messages:

Dear Mr. Gage,
I recently started watching “Dad Goes to College” and am most pleased with
it. Every scene is so intense, I need time to enjoy the afterwards climax!
I am a frequent visitor to your site, and have most enjoyed the better part
of your movies so far–at least what I have had the pleasure to watch.
Thank you for bringing me guaranteed pleasure any time I need it!
I look forward to watching what is coming next.

Dear Mr. Gage,
Just wanted to thank you for all your phenomenal work. I’ve enjoyed your Titan films for a few years now, and am thrilled to see your new work with Ray Dragon. Your celebration of men (real men, not airbrushed models) and the heat between them is fantastic; it affirms my sexuality in a primal and joyous way.
If you’re ever in the LA area and need an assistant on a project, I’d be a grateful volunteer!
All the Best,


post Mailbag

May 2nd, 2013

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I recently discovered my electronic mailbox was messed-up. The problem has been corrected. I am now going through 22,000 + unopened messages.

Besides being notified that I’ve won the Irish Sweepstakes, have money waiting in a newly discovered bank account (current account number information necessary to release funds), and urgently need to expand the size of my penis, I’ve come across a number of interesting and encouraging notes.

I’ll post them as they surface, and my apologies to those who got no replies.

Here are two:

Hello Mr Gage,

I watched the new part in the Dad series and it was amazing. Great job as usual. As the film ended I asked myself what’s next? And then it hit me. Why don’t you consider a threesome with grandpa-son-grandson or something close to it? Sounds like a lot of people are into this, I know I am.

Thank you for your time


Dear Mr. Gage,

I’ve recently become a huge fan of yours. I’ve been aware of who you were in the gay porn industry for a while, but one particular film of yours grabbed my attention in an iron grip and would not let go. I’m speaking of Dad Goes to College, of which people have been singing your well-earned praises.


I recently sent Allen Silver, whom Dad Goes to College also made me a fan of, an e-mail praising his scenes in your films. He said that he would forward it to you on my behalf, but also pointed me to your website so I could offer my thanks personally, for which I am extremely grateful.


Your films bring the characters to life using a minimal amount of dialogue and screen presence that work excellently together to bring out the characters and make them feel real. For myself, personally, when characters feel real, the sex itself is more dynamic and explosive on-screen.


Dad Goes to College opened up a whole new world for me, and I immediately sought out Dad Takes a Fishing Trip. The ninety-minute orgy at the end was positively mind-blowing, and the looks the father and son gave one another were smoldering. Eye contact seems to be a major theme with you, and I love that. The eyes are the most expressive and sensual part of the human form. You capture the heated gaze between two men perfectly in scenes where you can. I notice this happens more in your recent independent films, so I’m guessing it has to do with you having greater control over what happens. If I’m wrong, though, feel free to correct me.

Allen Silver in a scene from Dad Goes To College

Every scene with Silver smokes up the screen, as he has such a wonderful, approachable presence on camera. If another ‘Dad’ film starring Allen were to come out, I’d probably skip around my living room in my socks!

You’re probably busy, and bored to death listening to my fanboyishness, so I will end things here. I hope you keep making films for years and years to come. Consider me a fan for life and beyond.

From one storyteller to another,







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November 20th, 2012

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This year’s nominations include:

Dragon Media

             Gay Studio of the Year



Dad Goes to College (Dragon Media)

After the Heist (Dragon Media)

            Gay Movie of the Year


Joe Gage

           Gay Director of the Year






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November 16th, 2012

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To Ray Dragon:


My observations (not that you care) about different films, and in general.  I know that you all have been in the business for a long time.  FYI, I’m 51-years-old.  I used to buy porn, but it just got so old.  Everything was the same, and the quality wasn’t all that great.  So I took a long break, and got more into amateur porn, which is what I really like best.  But a couple of months ago, I decided to have a fresh look at what was out there, and purchase several Joe Gage / Dragon Media items.

First. . .  I don’t know who the “unknown” guy is in all of Joe Gage’s films. . . . Perhaps it’s Joe himself. . .but it drives me crazy!  He’s the guy who always just “appears” out of nowhere and his face is never shown.


Dad goes to College – he “appears” in the outdoor scene with the park ranger.  He’s wearing a light blue shirt and shorts.

Joe Gage Sex Files 7 Doctors and Dads – He appears in the scene with Spike and his “son” at the doctor’s office. He’s wearing a white lab coat.  FYI. . . . My favorite line of the entire film is “Dad. . . he’s fucking me!” 😉

Joe Gage Sex Files 6 Ex-Military – He’s in the “group scene”.  If  I’m not mistaken (I’d have to look at it again) I think he’s also in the scene between the two guys who are in the kitchen.

He’s in ALL the films. . . It drives me crazy for two reasons. . . #1, his face is never shown. . . #2, he’s always “out-of-place” by being there.  He simply “appears” in the scene and has no business being there.



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August 5th, 2012

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Gay Daily Hot: Jasun Mark & John Tegan Gay Porn Blog

“So the word came down this week.

“And I’m kinda stoked.

“If you read Gay Daily Hot enough, you know a few things about me… two of which are that I have a MEGA fetish for Dad/Son scenes… any kind of action between brothers or Uncle/Nephew… Judging by the feedback I get here, I’m not the only one… I’m just one of the few bloggers willing to admit that.

(and I wrote a nice run-down of my favorite Dad/Son scenes):

The Top 9 – Dad/Son Scenes.

“You also know that I’m a huge fan of Joe Gage. I watch all of his movies, I memorize dialogue, I think I finally burned a hole through a copy of Copperhead Canyon with the laser of my DVD player (and thank GOD for the new BluRay copy I got).

“So far my only work on any Joe Gage movie was holding the camera for a whopping 8 seconds of footage for his last Titan movie Inmates

“(You can also see our post about Joe’s movie that was even too hot for Titan,  Dad Goes To College, which features Allen Silver’s “Dad” finally fucking his son.)

“Anyway… to celebrate, I hauled out my iPad this morning and had myself a nice wank to one of the hottest scenes in gay porn ever… the scene in Arcade on Route 9 where a father (played by the stunning Brett Anderson) brings his son (played by Matthew Matters) to a back room sex club and teaches him how to suck dick through a glory hole.

“Oh.. and this is his 18th birthday.  

“My shorts are a heavily wooded area just thinking about it.

And it’s just been newly re-mastered and added to the Titan site.” —Jasun Mark