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December 17th, 2013

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Brian’s back!



“And thus endeth our warm, fuzzy holiday lesson: Never take those you love for granted, for they can be gone in a flash. I mean, you didn’t really think we’d kill off Brian, did you? Jesus, we’d have to be fucking high. Oh and hey… thanks for caring so much about the canine Griffin. He is overcome with gratitude.”–Seth MacFarlane


Pause And Look Around…

“Living in California all my life, I had as much time as I needed to really capture the essence and beauty it provides. This video was an ongoing project for about a year with an estimated 75,000 images taken, and about 12,400 made it into the 3.5 minute piece. My Grandmother Alice Harpin passed away during the last two weeks of shooting this video. The film is dedicated to her memory.” –Michael Shainblum

For maximum impact, full-frame it:


  1. Proving that you can’t keep a good dog down.

    Or in this case, Seth can’t keep a good alter-ego down apparently. lol

    Comment by Mr.gloryholeJUNKIE — December 17, 2013 @ 2:54 pm

  2. i cant tell you how many cyber friends i have that were freaking out that he had died i kept saying are you people stupid or what they have episodes listed coming up with him in them but they wouldnt believe me to them i say nyah

    Comment by DJ Fruit Loops — December 21, 2013 @ 1:17 pm

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