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post Word Of Mouth

June 30th, 2008

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 Atkol viewers weigh-in:

I always decide not to rent any more Joe Gage films, and then people post all kinds of excited reviews of them and I break down and rent them–and then am left yet again scratching my head at why people whose opinions on porn I otherwise trust get into these. The set-ups and the dorky faux-white trash names of the characters (“Flash,” “Trev,” “Claude”) are always such affectations to me, and the faux-Appalachian dialogue makes me want to howl: “Why, that’s mighty neighborly of you!”, etc. I just can’t get past that stuff. —Buddyboy

I didn’t think this one was much. This one looks more like the Titan Brian Mills/Harold Creg outdoor stuff instead of the regular Joe Gage in studio productions. I could finally tell that this was more of a Joe Gage feature because of the way the camera focuses on the model’s dick and that there were some younger looking models included. I like Dean Flynn but I didn’t think most of the models were all that great looking or performing. —iluvporn

…don’t let the title “Chain Saw” — turn you off. Joe Gage still has it. This is one hot video. The scene with Tony Buff and Braxton Bond will light your fire. But the biggest surprise for me was the scene with CJ Madison and Sebastian Rivers. When Madison tells Rivers to get into the house because he wants to sit on his face — and indeed he does — I thought I was going to lose it then and there. This one is a keeper. —Tony

Tony, It is funny that you said that because that is exactly were I did lose it, the first time watching the movie. I was so proud of myself, for making it through Tony Buff’s scene, then lose it during CJ’s, not even getting to see the whole movie the first time.

OH man! I finally bought this one, and loved every second of it! Echoing Tony and ram’s sentiments, it took me a while to get through CHAINSAW because each successive scene was overflowing with sexual tension, smoldering eroticism, and beautiful men really enjoying each other…The Tony Buff-Braxton Bond opener is such a scorcher; the two men are totally into each other and deliver 110%. Tony’s especially a nice surprise, deep throating Braxton easily, eating ass ravenously, really digging his scene partner completely. CJ Madison’s white trash domination of suit-and-tie Sebastian Rivers is, as noted earlier in this thread, a mesmerizing and tough-to-finish experience. Both men are perfectly cast, the videography perfect, and as with the earlier Buff-Bond scene, they have an incredible chemistry that you don’t see that often in videos these days….Joe Gage has been on a roll this year. MENS ROOM III was another example of wall-to-wall excellence and I thought it was his best since BACK TO BARSTOW. CHAINSAW is now up there among his top 5 videos for Titan. —eva_nera

post Tragically Hot

June 29th, 2008

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The Franco brothers

“Sniff it…”


Acting with James Franco Episode 3: Scene Work

post Let’s Get Literary

June 29th, 2008

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“The realm of comic book heroes and villains gets a dose of realism in this whimsical debut from game design consultant Grossman (who) dabbles in a host of themes—power, greed, fame, the pitfalls of ego—in this engrossing page-turner, broadening the appeal of an already inviting scenario.” —Publishers Weekly

Soon I Will Be Invincible HERE
Trade paperback out now


post Down Memory Lane…

June 29th, 2008

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside…


Mae & Rock -1957 Oscars

post Adiós, Dillon

June 29th, 2008

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Dillon Buck posted a nice valedictory note as he fulfilled his exclusivity contract with Titan and moved on. His thoughts here→ Dillon Buck


Chainsaw cast members Allen Silver, Riley Burke, Brandon Cole, Dean Flynn, Dillon Buck

Thanks, Dillon, for seeing what I stand for and nailing it in a single sentence:

“The legendary Joe Gage, rightly called the greatest gay porn director of his generation – the first artist who dared to suggest that sex between men was more about camaraderie than romance, more about hot action than a lifestyle.”



Director Joe Gage, Dillon Buck, Producer Brian Mills


post The Pendulum Swings…

June 29th, 2008

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Body mass on the runway in Milan

From this…………………… this


As usual, Vivienne Westwood leads the pack


Vintage Vivienne Westwood Colt T-shirt


post Movie Love I

June 28th, 2008

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I love how Wanted is bringing out this kind of writing (see yesterday) from the critics:


Kyle Smith, NY Post: “…what Wanted offers is what the audience craves: a stunt sundae with stunt sauce on the side and a side order of stunts.”



Manohla Dargis, NY Times: “This is, after all, a movie almost entirely organized around the sights and sounds of men piercing one another’s bodies, which makes for a whole lot of twitching and spurting.”

You do it your way; I’ll do it mine.

post Comix Love

June 28th, 2008

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Stephen also worked under the name Etienne, where he often delved into exactingly specific subjects such as, ahem, foot fetishism and, uh…torture. Not my bag, but who am I to cast the first stone?

Here is some of his earliest work.


All About Stephen/Etienne HERE

post Guilty Pleasures

June 28th, 2008

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Weekend Twofer


Big Creamy HERE



milk it HERE



post Movie Love II

June 28th, 2008

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Behind the scenes on The Informant


What some actors won’t do to get into character. Let’s see how fast he drops it after principal photography. Since he’s a frickin’ movie star, it’ll prolly take him all of a week.

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