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post Obsessions and Compulsions

August 30th, 2007

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As I make my way through the rough-cut of Ozark Mtn. Exit 8: Mens Room III, I continue to monitor the nationwide discussion of the topic covered in the movie. Washington Post writers Lynn Duke and DaNeen L. Brown weigh-in on public bathroom sex signals, as well as the compulsion/obsession in general here today:

My take on all of this can be found in the Mens Room I and Mens Room II movies, otherwise known as:

Bakersfield Station

Gale Force

post Restroom Sex

August 28th, 2007

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I’m in the middle of cutting Ozark Mtn. Exit 8: Mens Room III as the latest political public restroom sex scandal hits. Of course, this case isn’t really about sex, it’s about hypocricy. Here are the thoughts of someone on a political site ( that hit the nail squarely on the head:

Craig is not “gay”. By every definition of society, Craig is straight. This is a straight man caught soliciting sex in a public place. PERIOD. Let’s not turn him into a member of a misunderstood, oppressed minority. Craig is obviously someone who is, IN SOME MEASURE, attracted to homosexual sex. That doesn’t make him gay, anymore than my occasional sexual attraction to a female makes me “straight.” I don’t live a straight life nor do I want to. Craig, like McGreevy and Haggard, is a straight man. These men are married with children living with a woman. That sounds pretty straight to me. What Craig is indulging in is not entirely uncommon behavior for straight men, who ever once in a while would like a little homo action. Gay is a personal identity and a set of social and personal choices. What’s confusing everyone is the conflation of the word “gay” with the behavior of “homosexuality.” The assumption being that simply because someone engages in homosexual behavior then therefore he MUST BE GAY! WRONG! Most homosexual behavior, in human populations, the world over, and throughout history, has been and is engaged in by people who are otherwise partnered with someone of the opposite sex. The boundary between homo/hetero states of mind is fluid and amorphous.

Let’s beat the crap out of Craig for his hypocrisy but let’s not insult and besmirch the reputation and moral integrity of thousands of gay men by associating Craig’s behavior with being GAY. Craig is STRAIGHT

post Coincidence?

August 26th, 2007

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Gale Force: Mens Room II, which takes place in the midst of a major hurricane that strikes the east coast of the Carolinas, was released at this time of the year, just as the all-too-real Katrina made landfall. The timing was pure coincidence, and it’s happened again: Here comes Barnstorm, right in the middle of tornado season.

Barnstorm concerns a man who investigates the damage to his rural property in the aftermath of a series of devastating tornadoes that hit southern Kansas. He comes upon a group of road-clearing workers who have taken refuge in his barn and complications ensue.

The full link isn’t up yet, but if you want to get information about it, to see the trailer or to purchase a copy before it hits the retail stores, click the Campus Pizza link here. Then go to the title search column on the left and pull Barnstorm down from the list.

post Barnstorm

August 22nd, 2007

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Barnstorm goes on sale today.

It won’t be in rental or retail stores for a while and I’m still getting the hang of this new-fangled posting stuff, so I don’t have a direct link up yet, but if you want to get info about it or to purchase a copy, click the Campus Pizza link here. Then go to the title search column on the left and pull Barnstorm down from the list.

post Let’s Get Political

August 20th, 2007

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 “No politics,” I swore to myself. But then I remembered how it all started:

Kansas City Trucking Co. 1976. Opening shot: the screen is black. We hear Hank (Richard Locke) as he drives through the night on a long-haul run, flicking the radio dial, searching for something to keep him awake. He comes upon a commercial for convicted Nixon/Watergate cockroach Charles Colson’s post-prison I-found-the-Lord bestseller Born Again.  Hank curses, the screen fades-in to a point-of-view shot of a highway by night and the movie kicks in.

Different administration, different crimes; but as usual, the more things change, the more they stay the same:
No End In Sight

post Guilty Pleasures

August 20th, 2007

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What would life be without ’em? On one of Ray Dragon’s sites, in more than one scene, The Hermit rules:

post Smoking

August 19th, 2007

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Early in my association with Titan Media, the powers that be decreed that, for all the right reasons, my characters would no longer be allowed to smoke on screen. Tobacco made its final Joe Gage/Titan appearance in the notorious “Is Ruthie here?” scene in Back to Barstow.

But smoking, as bad as it is for us, retains its powerful cinematic allure. My writer pal Nat

(   describes the following scene as:

“Call him ‘Uncle Dino’ – Dad’s good-for-nothing younger brother. humina humina humina…”

post Daytime first?

August 18th, 2007

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CBS. As the World Turns. Last Friday. You can’t get more mainstream than this:

post Behind the Scenes

August 18th, 2007

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Titan Media often includes a Behind the Scenes making-of mini-documentary along with the main feature in its DVD releases. The BTS piece with Campus Pizza does a good job capturing the mix of sexual interplay and the relaxed-but-focused approach we take while shooting. I make it a point to ignore the BTS cameras while I’m working, but as an occasional actor, I’m all too aware of how I photograph. As Roger Thornhill says, dictating a memo-to-self while in the taxi with his secretary, “Think thin.”

Campus Pizza link here.

post Unexpected Sex

August 17th, 2007

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There’s an interesting take on “that” Campus Pizza scene on this guy’s blog:

Lesson learned: it’s not easy to depict paraplegic sex without going the “kinky” route. That said, it came out just as I planned–slightly off-kilter; the proceedings colored with a touch of romance (not something I deal with on a regular basis) and longing (somewhat more familiar territory).

You can find out more and see the Campus Pizza trailer here .

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